10 Best iOS Emulator for Windows (Runs iOS Apps) | on PC/Laptop

iOS Emulator

If you’ve been dreaming of using an iOS device but couldn’t get one, here’s a quick solution for you. You can now explore all of your favorite iOS applications on a Windows PC. Yes, with the help of iOS Emulator, you can easily install iOS applications and can use them just like an iPhone or iPad. If you’re looking for such platform, here we are presenting you a list of top 10 Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC. Follow the list, get the details and install one right now!¬†

10 Best iOS Emulator for Windows

  1. iPadian

iPadian is currently the most popular iOS Emulator which is available for Windows systems. This Emulator runs through Adobe Air which requires you to install this software on a Windows PC to run the iPadian Emulator. With this Emulator, you will get to use popular iOS apps from your Windows PC. Unfortunately, you would not be allowed to install all the apps and games on the Emulator. However, you can still use the best ones which are very useful.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Download iPadian

2. SmartFace

SmartFace is yet another useful iOS Emulator available for the Windows Platform. This tool is very helpful to the developers who can try out cross-platform applications. This emulator is available for free and it works really great on a Windows PC.

Compatibility: Windows

Download SmartFace

3. App.iO

This iOS emulator works with Internet which means, to run this Emulator on your Windows PC, you need to have proper Internet connectivity. This is basically an app which can be installed on various devices such as Mac, Windows, Android etc. It runs smoothly and lets you test out various applications easily.

Compatibility: Mac OS, Windows, Android

Download App.iO

4. iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator is a cloud-based iOS Emulator which works on Google Chrome browser. It was initially available as a Chrome Extension, however, it has been removed from there due to legal issues. Well, you can still download and install it on your Windows PC.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

5. Ripple Emulator

Ripple is a very useful tool or we can say iOS Emulator which is currently available for Chrome Browser. Yes, it is an extension which you can get from the Chrome Webstore. You can easily install this tool on a respective Windows PC from the Chrome browser. It lets you run and test iOS apps developed by you on any PC.

Compatibility: Chrome Browser

Download Ripple Emulator

6. MobiOne Studio 

MobiOne Studio is a dual software which runs as an iOS Emulator as well as Visual Designer. Yes, if you’ve been into designing industry, this tool lets you help you create new ideas. If you are from developers’ side, you can easily get started with your first iOS app using this Emulator. Interestingly, it works smoothly on a Windows PC, so you can quickly install it and start using it on a respective Windows PC.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS

Download MobiOne Studio

7. Appetize.io

Appetize is an online Simulator for Windows and Mac OS systems. This is an online Simulator which doesn’t need any application or software to download and install on your system. All you have to do is just create your new Appetize.io account and start using it online. It requires you to be connected with the Internet. You can try it out for free and if satisfied with its overall functionality, you can go with the premium subscription plan.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Download Appetize.io

8. RunThatApp

RunThatApp is a startup which lets you test out your iOS apps. Developers can send small demos and can test them out here easily. You can upload your iOS builds easily can get them tested without the need of any additional tools or application. It can stream your app on mobile or desktop.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS, Android

Download RunThatApp

9. AIR iPhone

AIR iPhone is a free to use iOS Emulator which is available for Windows users. You can use this application on a Windows PC and can test out the iOS apps. It lets you test out apps with cross-platform so you can use it on mobile and Desktops as well. It allows you to run pre-installed apps on your desktop so you can test them out easily.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android

Download AIR iPhone

10. iMame Emulator

If you are a gamer and developer, this iMame Emulator is specially designed for the people like you. With this Emulator, you can play iOS games on your Windows PC hassle-free. It is compatible to run iOS apps which are compatible with latest iOS versions such as iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11 etc. The Emulator is for free and you can install this tool easily on a respective Windows system.

So, folks, these are all the most popular and best iOS Emulators available for a Windows PC. Some of them are extensions and a few of them come as an application which is also run on a smartphone. You can choose the most suitable one from the list and can try out using iOS applications on a Windows PC right now!

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